Spare Roll Toilet Paper Wraps Tutorial


General instructions for “Spare Roll” Toilet Paper Wraps from Kellie’s Designs.

What you will need:
Cut away stabilizer
FOE (fold over elastic) or ribbon – I use 12 inches of FOE for a new roll of toilet paper.  You can adjust how much you use by how big your roll is.
Masking tape
1 piece of marine vinyl or felt approx. 5×5 inches (for the front of your design)
1 piece of oly fun or 2nd piece of vinyl or felt approx. 5×5 (for the back of your design) – I like oly fun because it’s thinner and doesn’t fray.
“Spare Roll” Toilet Paper Wrap design from Kellie’s Designs.


Step 1:
Hoop your stabilizer – I like to use cut away stabilizer because it adds extra support to your design and I think the designs stitch nicer on vinyl when using cut away. 

Step 2:
Stitch color change 1 of the design DIRECTLY ON YOUR STABILIZER.  This is the placement line for the vinyl.  Do not put your vinyl on yet!  

Step 3:
Stitch color change 2 of the design DIRECTLY ON YOUR STABILIZER.  This is the placement line for elastic.
Line your elastic up as shown in the picture ensuring the  elastic ends cover the placement lines.  Tape in place and stitch color change 3 – this will tack your elastic in place.

Step 4:
Place your vinyl or felt over the placement outline that you stitched in step 1 – tape in place and ensure your elastic is well out of the way of your stitch field.

Step 5:
Stitch out remaining design parts until the last color change.

Step 6:
Place your backing material (I like oly fun) under the hoop and stitch the last color change – this will secure all layers together.

Step 7:
Unhoop and carefully trim layers around the design – be careful not to cut your elastic!!

Step 8:
Place on roll of toilet paper and enjoy!



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