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Carrot Bunch Magnet Project Information
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500-620-C 5×7
3.78×5.61 inches; 2,963 stitches
10 thread changes; 6 colors

Regular embroidery supplies, stabilizer, thread, scissors etc.
I used cork as my base vinyl – I like that it’s thin but strong.
I used felt for my appliqué parts – but you could use vinyl as well.  I would use thinner vinyl to keep the weight down.
I used oly fun for the back but you could also use a thin vinyl like chalkboard vinyl or something that doesn’t fray
Hole punch (for the tag)
Glue or hot glue gun.  I’m a fan of E600 glue.
Twine or string
Magnetic tape or your preferred magnet
Clips (to hold carrots together when gluing them)
*My supplies are listed below.

Color Changes:
CC1: Warm Gray Brother – Placement stitch – sew directly on stabilizer. Cover placement lines with vinyl or felt
CC2: Appliqué Placement – Placement stitch for carrots
CC3: Tangerine – Tack down stitch for carrots
CC4: Appliqué Placement – Placement stitch for carrot tops
CC5: Moss Green – Tack down stitch for carrot tops
CC6: Appliqué Placement – Placement stitch for tag
CC7: Light Brown – Tack down stitch for tag
CC8: Appliqué Placement – Placement stitch for heart
CC9: Red – Tack down stitch for heart
CC10: Warm Gray – Attaches backing to project

After sewing is finished.  Unhoop and cut out your carrots.  Using my included photos as reference, arrange your carrots in way you want them and attach to one another using glue (I like E6000) or a glue gun.  For the tag, I punched a small hole in the top so I could run the string it after the glue dried.  I then wrapped the string around the carrots and tied a bow.  I used magnetic tape on the back and glued it on with E6000.


 The following are links to some of the products that I used:
Bakers twine:
Magnetic tape:
E6000 glue:
Oly fun:
Cut away stabilizer:
Embroidery thread:
Lg. sewing clips:
Small appliqué scissors:
Hole Punch:
Kai serrated scissors:
Cork fabric and premium felt from Joann’s

Carrot Bunch Applique Magnet can be found here.

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