Bunny and Carrot Fold Over Bookmark Tutorial


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Bunny and Carrot Fold Over Bookmark Set
3 designs included
Bunny:  3.70 x 3.88 inches (diagonal in hoop), 2100 stitches, 8 color changes
Carrot: 3.62 x 3.62 (diagonal in hoop), 3496 stitches, 4 color changes
This set also included a groups set in a 5×7 hoop – which for the purpose of this tutorial, I’m going to be using that design.
Both Bunny and Carrot: 3.88 x 6.21 inches (diagonal in hoop), 5596 stitches, 8 color changes.

Supplies Needed:
*Regular embroidery supplies, stabilizer, thread, scissors etc.
*Thin vinyl for the front – remember, this will be used inside a book so you don’t want anything thick.
I used oly fun for the back, but you could also use a thin vinyl like chalkboard vinyl or something that doesn’t fray.  Cork is also very thin and works wonderfully!
*Glue or hot glue gun.  I’m a fan of E600 glue.
*Thin strong magnets – I prefer to use a small metal disc on one side and a thin strong magnet on the other.  I have tried many different variations trying to keep the bookmark as thin as possible and this is what works for me.  Links to the items I used are listed below.  You could also use thicker earth magnets if you don’t have a problem with the thickness – they are very strong and I would recommend to only use one on the backside and a small metal disc on the front.  Otherwise you’re really going to have to pull to get the sides apart.  I did try magnetic tape and I wasn’t a fan of it for these bookmarks because I found that it can curl and seemed to pull away from the bookmark and that added thickness to the project, which I was trying to avoid. I just didn’t like it – but that was my preference.  Obviously you can use whatever you want and have on hand.  If you find something that I haven’t mentioned that you like – please let me know!! 
*Clips (to hold the magnets initially why they are drying)
*My supplies are listed below.

Color Changes:
CC1: Flesh Pink  – Placement stitch – stitch directly on stabilizer then cover your stitches completely with vinyl.
CC2: Tangerine  – This with stitch the carrots.
CC3: Moss Green – This will stitch the carrot greens.
CC4: Flesh Pink  – This will stitch the bunny ear details and the cheeks.
CC5: Pink – This will stitch the nose.
CC6: Black  – This will stitch the face.
CC7: Warm – This will stitch the bunny tail.
CC8: Black  – This stitch attaches the backing to your project.  Place backing under hoop before stitching.

After sewing is finished.  Unhoop and cut out your designs.  Using my included photos as reference,.
attach your magnets.  As I stated previously – I like to use a strong magnet on what would be the backside of the bookmark and a small metal disc on the front.  Glue your magnets using a strong adhesive like E6000 (which is what I use) or a hot glue gun.  If you are using E6000 or something similar, place clips on the magnets to hold them in place while the glue cures.  With E600 – I wait 24 hours.  I take the clips off after a few hours. so they indent the vinyl.

*TIP:  I am extremely impatient and I tried to use one of the bookmarks after 12 hours because it looked like the glue had dried.  Nope,  it pulled the magnet right off.  You *have* to follow the curing time for the glue.  I had to start the drying time over because I had to re-glue it.  lol  Follow directions, Kellie, follow directions!      


The following are links to some of the products that I used in this project:
Magnetic Dots: https://amzn.to/3z5aWUb (I use these on the back park of the bookmark)
1/2 in. steel discs: https://amzn.to/40kgBSi (I use these on the front part of the bookmark)
E6000 glue: https://amzn.to/3K64jaj (I use this to glue the magnets on – the sticky stuff on the magnets isn’t sufficient to hold them in place.  You’ll need to have more adhesive than it comes with!)
Oly fun: https://amzn.to/3nfVSQO
Cut away stabilizer: https://amzn.to/3yX9bYQ
Embroidery thread: https://amzn.to/3Z6v2Ib
Lg. sewing clips: https://amzn.to/3JB5htO
Kai serrated scissors: https://amzn.to/3ni0Exl
Beige Promo Vinyl from MyPunkbroidery
White Vinyl from Joann’s

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