My Favorite Supplies


Here is an ongoing list of the supplies I use everyday.  


Cut away stabilizer:

Embroidery thread:

Misc Supplies:
Magnetic tape:
Small round magnets:
Magnetic Dots: (I use these on the back park of fold over bookmarks)
1/2 in. steel discs: (I use these on the front part of fold over bookmarks)
E6000 glue:
Lg. sewing clips:
Hole Punch:
Bakers twine:

Small applique scissors:
Gingher large applique scissors:
Offset embroidery scissors:
6 inch serrated scissors (for vinyl):
4 3/4 inch serrated scissors (for vinyl):
4 inch needlecraft scissors:
Pinking shears:
10mm scalloped scissors:
18mm scalloped scissors:
Sidehopper snips:
Curved spring scissors:
5 inch microtip:

1 inch key fob hardware:
1.5 inch key fob hardware:
Key Fob Pliers:
Size 20 KAM Snaps:
8mm rhinestone rivets:

Hot pink gingham ribbon:

Backing Fabric:
Oly Fun:

Updated: March 25, 2023

Disclaimer: I am an Amazon affiliate – which means that I may receive a small commission based on qualified orders. This in no way impacts your pricing and I only recommend items that I personally have purchased and used. 


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