Note Book Cover Tutorial


For the purposes of this tutorial – I am creating a cover for the mini composition notebooks that can be purchased at Dollar Tree and other stores.  They measure 3.25 inches x. 4.5 inches.  However, the instructions are the same for all of our notebook covers.

Step 1:
Stitch the 1st color change directly onto your hooped cut away stabilizer.  (I used cutaway to provide an extra layer of stability to the cover.)  This is your placement stitches for the cover.  

Step 2: 
Cover your placement stitches with vinyl – secure with tape if needed.  Stitch out the complete cover design.

Step 3:
The next color change will place FOUR stitches outside of the cover.  These are your placement stitches for the back flaps that hold the cover of your notebook.  You won’t see them on the finished design – they are just for reference.

Step 4:
Remove your hoop from the machine – DO NOT UNHOOP yet.  Turn the hoop over.  Measure your fold over elastic by placing the elastic around the notebook that you’re going to use and adding an inch.  Do not pull the elastic as you’re measuring!  (I use 7.5 inches) Fold your elastic in half and secure with a small piece of tape in the middle of the right side of the BACK SIDE of your cover as shown in the picture.  (This step is optional.  If you don’t want the elastic band, just skip to the next step.)

Step 5:
Using the 4 placement stitches as guides – secure 2 pieces of  vinyl (or oly fun) with tape that will be used as the flaps to hold your notebook.  Return hoop to machine.

Step 6:
The next color change will secure the side panels to the cover.

Step 7:
The final color change will be the bean stitch all around your cover.

Step 8:
Remove from machine and unhoop.  Taking great care not to cut your elastic off, (I trim 1 layer at a time on the side with the elastic) trim around your cover.  Insert your notebook and your finished!

All of our notebook covers can be found here!



  1. Cindy Williams says:

    I hope you will come up with more of the all-over designs for the mini composition note books. Making them for stocking stuffers and they are so pretty.

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