ITH Vaccine Card Holder Instructions


General instructions for “In The Hoop Vaccine Card Holders” from Kellie’s Designs.

What you will need:
* Tear away stabilizer
* Front vinyl – approx. 5×7 inches
* Backing fabric or vinyl – approx. 5×7 inches  I like oly fun, which can be purchased at Walmart, Hobby Lobby or Joann’s.  It’s very thin non-fraying fabric that comes in many colors.  You can also use vinyl – it just makes the holder a little bit thicker, but still perfectly fine.
* 16 gauge clear vinyl for the pocket – approx. 5×4 inches.  Lower gauge vinyl will NOT be as stable and may pull away from the stitches. 
* hole or snap punch
* kam snaps or rivets
* lobster swivel clasp – I use the 1 inch ones from Amazon.


Step 1:  Hoop your tear away stabilizer and stitch color change 1 directly on the stabilizer.  This is your vinyl placement line.

Step 2:  Cover vinyl placement line with vinyl making sure all stitch lines are covered.  Tape in place if necessary.

Step 3:  Stitch design element onto vinyl.

Step 4:  Stitch snap placement lines.

Step 5:  Place backing material UNDER hoop and stitch bean stitch to attach both layers.

Step 6:  Remove hoop from machine – DO NOT UNHOOP.  Turn hoop over and place clear vinyl over window area.  Tape in place.

Step 7:  Carefully place hoop back on machine and stitch last bean stitch which will attach the window to the card holder.

Step 8.  Remove from machine, unhoop and carefully trim around card holder.

Step 9.  Attach your hardware!

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