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Rudolph Ornament

I’m going to show you how to make any of my ornaments, they all follow the same procedures – it’s super quick and easy.  (For the purposes of this tutorial, let’s pretend my embroidery hoop is clean… mkay?)

Rudolph Ornament can be found here!

Step: 1.  Hoop 1-2 pieces of cut away stabilizer.  I like cut away because I think that it helps the vinyl hold the stitches better and it adds a lot of stability to the design.  I say 1-2 pieces because if you are using a thin vinyl – you’ll want to make sure to use 2 pieces so the vinyl doesn’t warp.  I typically use marine or promo vinyl for ornaments because it can handle the dense stitching well.

Step 2:  Color change 1 is stitched directly on the stabilizer.  This is your vinyl placement line.  After you stitch the placement, float your vinyl over the placement line – secure with tape so the vinyl doesn’t shift. You’ll want to make certain your vinyl completely covers this line.

Step 3:  Color change 2 – this is the body and the face of the reindeer.

Step 4:  Color change 3 – this is antlers and hooves.

Step 5:  Color change 4 – this is the inside of the ears.

Step 6: Color change 5 – Rudolph’s nose

Step 7:  Color change 6 – Stitches the eyes and the the outline.

Omg!  How cute is this?

Step 8: Color change 7 – This is your placement for the grommet.  You can skip this step if you are comfortable placing the grommet without a reference.  (I usually use a thread color the closely matches the vinyl color in the event that I don’t center the hole perfectly. Yes, it happens!)

Step 9: Remove your hoop and place a piece of backing vinyl under the hoop.  Secure with tape and double check that ALL your stitching is completely covered.  Put your hoop back on the machine.


Step 10:  Color change 8 – This is the final bean stitch around your ornament.  

Step 11:  Unhoop, cut out your ornament carefully making sure you don’t clip into the bean stitches.

Step 12:  Install your eyelet or grommet.  (Tip:  I mark the center of the the grommet placement circle with a Sharpie – that way when I’m using my crop-a-dile to create the grommet hole, I use the center marking point as my reference point.

That’s it!  You’re all done!

You can see all of our ornaments here!!

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  1. Karen Harbeck says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, I’ve seen so many cute ornaments but have been really intimidated. I bought one of yours and will try this today. I’ll be back for more 💓

    1. The first ornament can be intimidating for sure – but they are so fun to make! Good luck!

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